Real Stone. Real Thin. Really Cool.

DesignerStone​® Panels

Onyx. Marble. Travertine. Granite. Quartzite.

DesignerStone®Panels are large thin stone veneers that are waterproof, lightweight, strong and luxurious. They can be backlit with any color, bringing your design ideas to a show-stopping level!

They’re made by cutting natural stone blocks of granite, travertine, onyx, and marble as thin as 5mm. Depending on the type of stone and the application, a polyvinyl carbonate, aluminum polymer, or fiberglass backing is adhered to the stone. The result is a natural stone panel that is much stronger and much lighter than traditional large slabs of the same material. See more in our gallery.

Endless Possibilities

Endless choices of both ​translucent and opaque stone colors.

Custom Sizing
Panel sizes of ​ 5 ft x 8 ft with options ​for custom sizing.

Fireplaces, Wall Features, Tub and Shower Surrounds, Pillars, Boats, Elevators, Wine Cellars, Art Work, Top Condo Floors, and so much more.

ECO Friendly
DesignerStone® Panels are more sustainable than traditional stone products. Less natural stone is removed from the planet. They require fewer resources to produce. And more Panels can be shipped per transport unit than traditional stone, which equates to fewer emissions and less packaging.

100% Real Stone
It doesn’t get more real than stone that’s millions of years old, yet thin enough and strong enough to be used in a multitude of residential and commercial design projects.

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