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Try Natural Stone or Granite

Did you know that Granite is in fact a green product? Natural Stone is never bonded by harsh petroleum based resins nor created by a manufacturer. Natural Stone is 100% recyclable, crushing extra material or broken slabs into roadbeds or beautiful Mosaics.

Coming straight from quarry’s such as Brazil and Italy you can find unique colors and patterns created by Mother Nature herself. Natural stone is porous and requires sealing; however Creative Countertops & More makes it easy by offering a lifetime sealer by Granite Shield.

Selecting natural stone for your next project can add life and elegance to any space in your home, and will last a lifetime.

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What can Stone do for you? 
Beyond increasing property values, stone adds beauty, style and comfort to your life! Stone is natural. Stone creates a feeling of strength and inner warmth. Everything built out of stone, indoors or out, is original; so it never goes out of style. Stone brings the inside of your home, business or office to life with character and charm.

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